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With Vern3343

Is GW Bush The Anti Christ?

maybe its just me but GW seems to be taking out his anger over his speech impediment on anyone he can find 
any reason to blow the fuck out of. Sure i can see the point of going after Bin, but now he's created his whole "axis of evil"
Now he is starting to pick on China and considering throwing them in his "axis of evil". 
Who is he going to pick on next? Britain because they got bad teeth? Canada for saying eh to much or maybe French because
they use to much wine in their cooking, oh wait a minute he probably likes that one . He just wishes 
they would use something a little harder like a special kind of "powdered sugar". snif snif.
Personally I don't know about picking on a whole lot of countries with nuclear capabilities who are
crazy enough to use them. sure the united states may have the strongest army in the world but a couple of well
placed nukes can sure change that in a hurry. everybody he is picking on has nuclear capabilities and the means to get a whole shitload more nukes
so maybe we shouldn't be agitating people who are just looking for an excuse to use them anyway. 
We should have left them to kill themselves like they were already doing on their own.
Maybe its just Bush looking for approval through war or side efects from all the drugs he's taken , snif snif, 
but there is just not a good enough reason to be starting what he is starting.
If he pushes it too far the nukes are going to be flying everywhere and we are all going to be dead.
I can just see Bush now going, ala porky pig at the end of the warner brothers cartoons, fuh fuh fuh
fuck we're all dead folks. Maybe its just me but why cant bush just pull the broomstick out of 
his ass and leave everyone alone. Thank you that is all. and uh by the way, keep it out of yer bum eh