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  With Un Real Virtuality

Welcome to Virtuality

It never ceases to amaze me the number of fools you find in chat. It seems some folks have absolutely nothing better to do than to create some kind of disturbance in the chat rooms either by making stupid noises in voice or playing some for of music, of which some forms could be considered foolish noises just the same.

But that's not the half of the problem. In every chat room that you find these wannabee court jesters there is always one or two people who believe that they can reason these people out of their stupid behavioral problems. And they ALWAYS FAIL!!!

To be bluntly honest, I myself have joined many a chat room just to make light of some of the silly conversations that are occurring. My bad. But, I must admit that some of the conversations you see in chat warrant such heckling. No let me remind all that I try my damndest not to make my heckling a personal attack on any of the people involved in the conversations I make fun of, I just heckle the conversation or the topic itself. To my best knowledge, I haven't been "iggied" because of it.

I do, however, "iggy" others, lemme 'splain.

Whenever I catch some of the wannabee hecklers using personal attacks or foul language, or just creating noise to disrupt a conversation, I iggy the stuffin outta them. And I let the entire room know about it. Here's why.

My opinion is, if everyone iggies these morons, they will move on to another chat room where they will find those sympathetic souls who will try to reason with them. They crave the attention. I don't wanna give'em any. Their rude behavior does nothing but warrant an immediate iggy in my book.

That's how ya house train the idiots. I suggest everyone do the same.

That's my view,what do you think?



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