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It's about time

The United States finally has a president. Now what are the news papers going to write about. For a while there i was thinking that the Israel PM resigned and ordered new elections just to prove they could get itdone before we could.

I was reading an article yesterday about how your brain functions slower as you get past your 20's, does this suprise anyone, Florida has proven this fact to the world this month. The rest of the country took one day to decide, and Florida takes more than a month. Almost as long as it takes most of the residents from that state to turn left or right whenthey are at an intersection.

The one problem that I see in all this comotion is that now the fad will be to debate what went wrong with the election system. My opinion is that there really is nothing wrong with the election system. What this election did was to show us how screwed up our court system really is. Because of courts, this election dragged for over a month. And this was important to the entire world!!! Now we understand more why it takes years to convict a murderer, rapist, or drug dealer. Our judicial system is so screwed up that you can go to a local fast food joint, buy a HOT cup of coffee, spill it on yourself trying to open the damned container while driving through the middle of the city, burning yourself, and still blame the fast food joint for making the coffee 20 degrees hotter than it is supposed to be. Funny, the coffee seemed safe enough in there hands even though it was too hot.

Another little reminder for those of you who think that the election system we have is messed up. Bush won the election, but the popular vote across the country was very close. How would you like to be in the situation that Florida was in. Except it would be the whole country that wouldn't be able to elect a president. Especially figuring that niether Bush nor Gore recieved 50% of the popular vote. So think of that before you start championing a popular vote typeof election system.

The real problem with the elections the way we run them now is the mechanisms we use to tabulate the votes. These are machines that our grandfathers used waaaaaaay back when. We can put ten megs of memory into a little book, but when we vote we have to use things the size of the safes that drop on top of daffy duck in all those cartoons i remember so well.

So as the political lines get blurier and blurier lets all laugh about this election and hope that we don't change the system as it is now because we all know what will happen when the gov't tries to tinker with something, they only make things worse.

That's my view, what do you think?

urv2k 12/14/2k


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