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Virility Vanity and Sanity

What is happening to this world? It seems that lately anything that could possibly be wrong with someone can be cured or hidden by taking the right medication. It has gotten so out of hand that many people now are just taking medications to escape from who they are. They have severe self esteem problems, and the worst part of it is they have no reason to feel this way. Now I will say this before I go any further. There are people out there that rely on medications to get themselves through the day, through life even, but some of the people I know seem to be taking medications because it is the easy way for them not to deal with reality.

One "drug of choice" I see now is viagra. I thought this stuff was supposed to be for people with serious problems. It is now clearly become somehting for people who believe it adds something sexually to themselves. What a crock!!! I know someone who is in his mid 30's who is pushin the stuff. This guy actually believes that without it he has no chance to please anyone. Maybe if the dude wasn't such a (posterior)hole, he would be able to keep a date around after she became sober! But of course what do I know? I guess I could be missing the boat on this one (not). I'm in good health, even though I have my vices, the dreaded cigarettes and coffee, I guess i never figured what the plight of someone that is ummm...socially challenged would be. One of this guy's best "costumers" is a dude in his early 40's. Now I'm a guy, and even I think this is a good lookin dude. But, I also work with him, he's a moron, selfish, conceded, and thinks he's "god's gift" to women. But his poor little ego didn't know how to take his g/f of 5 yrs leavin him. Lack of commitment would have been my first guess, lack of attention would be my second guess. He thinks it's his "performance". If it were that, I think she would have left the fool long before 5 yrs. His ego won't allow him to think it was the way he treated her though. Like I said, I work with him, I can only imagine what it would be like to live with him, she must have been one of those women that think they can "change" someone. I'm sure soon there will be a pill for that too, but she just couldn't wait any longer for it. I would love to see the advertisement for that one.

Speaking of advertisements, I was watching a baseball game this past weekend and saw what has to be the vainest comercial ever. This guy is explaining that baldness runs in his family. He didn't want to end up bald like his father so he started using Rogaine at age 25. He is now 28 and he hasn't lost any hair yet. 28!!!! Now let me see here. This guy is happy that he is 28 and hasn't lost any hair??? Thats got to be the best part about this drug. You don't know if it is really working or if your genetic make-up didn't have you lose your hair until say 40 or so. Let me tell you from personal experience folks. My hair line is receeding. My forehead has slowly become a fivehead or a sixhead. But I can sure tell these people where to stick their drug!! I'm not quite sure that is where they wanted to grow hair but, well, you get the picture. Anyway, anyone who is so conceeded as to think that having a little less hair is some kind of disadvantage should be locked up in a room with mirrors an every wall, a 30 mph wind rushing through and a comb that only has 3 teeth.

That would be enough to drive that person to their family physician for my next topic, anti-depressants. Now I am not putting people down who really need them. There is no doubt that anti-depressants help thousands of people cope with everyday life that if they were not using them they would be off the deep end for sure. But I know more than just a few that use these drugs to make themselves happy when all they should be doing is SOMETHING!!! The people I know need a hobby, ot a drug. But it is much easier to go to the doctors office and get a perscription than to take a relaxing walk on a beach, or listen to soothing music, or listen to acid rock for that matter. Just pop a pill and all is great, right. Maybe in there mind it is, but I see these people on these drugs and they are in a fog like you wouldn't believe. Working their way out of a wet paper bag would be astronomically difficult for them. It is a shame to see people that I knew before the medication so scattered.

Anyway, thats the way I feel about all the medications takin over the world. Lets worry about them before we worry abot aliens invading. What do you think?



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