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With Vern3343

Let me introduce myself

Good Day. I would like to thank Un_real_Virtuality for the 1 and a half years he ran this feature.  He’s a  class act.  I however am not.  But seriously thank you Un.

Well I guess it’s time for the introductory installment of my incoherent ramblings.  You may remember me from former articles of alcohol-induced gibberish such as beer and guns, sluts on stage, and fat chicks in spandex. Well I promise to make my future articles as disappointing as my last articles. 

Well Christmas has finally come and gone, and by the time this is posted most people will just be waking up on their bathroom floors.  Men everywhere will be screaming as the beer goggles wear off and they wake up next to the loch ness monster.  On the flip side fat chicks everywhere will be smiling as they thank god for beer and giant new years parties.  Gotta love new years, the one day of the year you can make out with all your friends wives and not end up in a fist fight in the parking lot.  So enjoy the hangover and don’t check the mail, cus you will just have an aneurysm when you get the Christmas bills and see just how broke you really are.  Then you realize you will be spending the rest of the year trying to pay off the Christmas debts only to start over again next year……..  So did everyone get what they wanted.  I never, why won’t Santa ever leave a pound of dope and three prostitutes under my tree.  Is that too much to ask,  Oh well maybe next year. 

I would  like to wrap things up with a salute to my new hero mike.  I just checked out his web site and there is some sick, twisted, truly funny stuff on there. Well at least my warped mind found it funny. So if your not a little P.C bleeding heart wussy check it out   http://www.mikeoverbeck.com/osama/diplomacy.html

Well I guess this ones done but remember spandex is a privilege not a right, so long and remember to keep it out of your bum eh