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  With Un Real Virtuality


What ever happened to the old days? Ever think you would be asking yourself that question? I never did. Every time I ever heard someone say it the phrase "I remember when bread used to be worth a nickel" always popped into my mind and I would start to chuckle to myself. But lately I have been reminiscing about a time when I first started chatting. Every one in the room was if not courteous, respectful of all others there. Whether or not you agreed with what was being said or not, you voiced your opinion and the topic was done.

What I find now in the rooms is a tendency for a few low life, misguided males attacking women in the room. For what reason? It is very unclear to me. It seems as though most of these people think that that is what the room is for. They try to get into some substandard bar-room conversation with the women and when they finally figure out that the women aren't buying into their stories they turn hostile and proceed with personal attacks. Talk about sore losers.

Now I understand what goes on in these rooms and I am just as guilty as the next person of staying away from the topic contained in the title of the room itself. But my reply to that is, as long as someone else in the room wants to talk the same subject I am talking about, what does it matter. I don't involve myself with the other conversations within the room if they do not pertain to me, and I don't join them if I do not have anything to say about the subject. Unless of course I am trying to be funny. In that instance even, I try not to be obnoxious in any way and keep my jokes to the subject matter not making them too personal or offensive. At times I am ignored (figuratively) by the people whose topic I am poking fun at, and at other times they also join in with the joking.

But to personally attack someone because their dreams of a chat room being a good place to pick up people has been dashed by someone obviously shows their lack of social skill and social grace. People like this just can't take no for an answer at all. They somehow believe that by personally attacking someone they will ultimately endear themselves to that person. One hundred percent of the time they are wrong. In fact, I don't think they realize how big a fool they make themselves look in front of the rest of the room.

This doesn't seem to deture them at all. So I have a few suggestions. First, start ignoring these type of people. The less audience they have the less likely they are to act the way they do. You will notice that most of these morons like to belittle people in the actual room. Its so everyone can see their rude and obscene comments. They don't get the effect they want out of PMing people. If everyone starts ignoring fools like this they will leave. The second option is to join the defence of the person getting harassed. There is nothing more humiliating to these idiots then the entire room facing off against them. They leave quickly in retreat with no back up.

The bottom line is that there is no place in chat for people like this. The more we alienate them the less likely they are to turn up.

That's my view. What do you think?

urv2k 9/22/2k


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