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California "Gray" Outs

by Racer164

Liberals and environmentalists should be thrilled. They've finally gotten what they've always wanted...high fuel prices.

You'd think that with this victory they'd be dancing in the streets, but instead they're bitching and moaning about being gouged .

Now, let’s see. Environmental extremists or "activists" as they are more commonly called by their sicofant allies in the press, have dictated energy policy in California for years. Now California has an energy crisis. Now we can see the results of that old cliché "garbage in-garbage out".

Whether it was dishonesty or stupidity (my bet is that it was both) the liberals in California in conjunction with the enviro-nazis decided that no more powerplants in California was a good idea. Nevermind that the population is growing by leaps and bounds, and energy consumption, no matter how much you conserve, is going to increase along with it.

So while the greenies were dreaming of windmills and electric cars, California power companies were selling electricity for less than they were purchasing it for.This was a wonderful idea aimed at getting votes for Democrats. You can have electricity and never pay more no matter how much energy prices go up.Sweet deal, huh?

Well, the law of supply and demand just ripped the greenie-suck-up Democrats a new one. California is buying energy from Texas(among other places). Now, Texas is running old, non-compliant powerplants in order to keep up with California’s demand. Here's where it gets interesting. Useless as a "screen door on a submarine" Governor Gray "please save my ass Mr. bush" Davis is claiming that these Texas plants are gouging the poor residents of California with ridiculously high prices. Well it turns out that Texas is running non-compliant power plants in order to be able to supply California with energy. These plants are so polluting, that they’re only allowed to run for about 8 days a year. They have to pay thousands of dollars per day for each day they run past the government mandated limit. So obviously, that penalty is being passed on to California as part of the deal..."We supply the energy, you pay the fines".

Now, if the enviro-nazis are so concerned about the environment...why would they permit California to buy from these high polluting power plants? Is it just California’s environment they’re worried about?

So whats the answer? According to Governor "no-gray-matter"’s conservation and price caps.Well as it is, California is the state with the best energy conservation record, and price caps are one of the things that got them into this mess in the first place.

The hard fact is that if California had intelligent energy policies based on real science and not earth-worshipper scare tactics, they wouldn’t be in the mess they are now. And don't blame GW for this one...he's been president for 5 months...this crisis has been building for over 8 years


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