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  With Un Real Virtuality


By now I would have thought that we (America) would have a president elect among us. Although we don't, and there is little chance that when we do it will be me, I still don't think that it is a bad thing.

Consider, for instance, that without the current turmoil that America's election process is creating, there would be many people in this country that would have no clue how the process works. Many people thought before this that our president was decided by a majority popular vote. Those people are now more confused than ever about this process.

Now, more than a week after election day, the future president of our country will be decided by America's retirement home, Florida. It will be decided by people who do not drive over 35 mph, 5 mph on a right hand turn. People who carry 40 puonds of change, and drag it all out at the cash register of the grocer to pay for their bottle of geritol or kaopectate right down to the very last penny. People who are in the customer service line at that same grocer to return a can of peas because they misread the sign in the display isle and have now figured out that that can cost them a whole 6 cents more than they had origionally thought. The same people who are still waiting for the FDA's latest findings on whether Depends undergarments cause toxic shock syndrome.

We really did it this time America!! We have proven to the rest of the world that not only can we have a democracy, but we can fill that democracy with so much red tape and conspiracy that even Oliver Stone is jealous. We have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt we can take the most simplest and purest of our claims to fame and turn it into something that even the most ingenious rhodes scholars couldn't possibly figure out. I can imagine Thomas Jefferson in his grave chuckling to himself, thinking, finally, i was wondering when that little loophole would finally trip them up, now they actually have to do some thinking for a change.

That's my view, what do you think?

urv2k 11/15/2k


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