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Business as Usual

This is a funny story about the place I work. I won't name names of the companies I'm going to talk about but I will make out a key so you can understand which ones are which.

The key is as follows:
  • A= the company I work for
  • B= a company that my company(A) buys parts from
  • C= a company that is in competition with my company(A)
  • D= a company that buys parts from both (A) and (C)

Now as the story is being played out at this time, company (A) is in serious competition with company (C). It seems company (C) has about 85% of the market share for the part in question and company (A) wants that share. The funny part is, that with all of the production about this competition, (A) is selling parts to (D). (D) is a sister company of (C), Meaning that they are owned by the same company. The punch line??? Well that would be that the owner of these two companies, (D) and (C), is company (B). Which is currently selling a vital part for (A) to use in its production. So does it really take rocket science to figure out that (A) is setting themselves up for an ambush???

Does this sound as crazy to you as it does me, or am I missing a major section of the rules of market share warfare?

urv~09082k What do you think? 



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