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TV News

     So the war is now what, almost 3 months old right?There is still one thing that I can't bear to watch. That is the stream of infinate "expert analysts" that all of the news networks seem to be able to pull out of their collective rear ends.  Where do they get these people anyway.  More importantly, how much are they being paid!!!  If they are snaggin some dough out of this, count me in!  I could certainly do as good, if not better job than they do of interpereting the situations.
     I saw a liar, umm lawyer, on the news last weekclaiming he could get osama (or usama, depending on which news you watch) aquitted in a court in the US.That's an awefully bold statement to make for a lawyer.  But consider this, if osama didn't have a few hundred mill in the bank system, would they be so boldas to make that statement.  I think that if our enemy was Joe Arab, who didn't have a pot to #1 in, there wouldn't be a single ambulance chaser clogging up my cable.
     Then you have the ever so numerous military specialists who think they can read the minds of the people planning this whole affair.  They are constantly talking about what is being done, what should be done, and how the government should go about doing it.  They are as bad as I am when I am watching a football game on TV!!  Pass the damned ball, drop the bigger bombs, call a time-out and look under that rock for the terrorists.  If their knowledge is that keen, I think that they would be getting paid big money to actually make the plans themselves.  The saying goes:  if you've been on TV more than 5 times describing what the tornado sounded like, you might be a red-neck.  And the same is true here, if you havebeen on TV more than 5 times telling everyone what they think ought to be done in the middle of a war, you might just be a raving moron.
     I don't think I have seen so many news anchors trying to coerce an "expert" into shouting "the sky is falling"  It seems that every other question that is asked sounds like it should be coming out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon.  "Are we doomed?!?"
      Look, the news did a great job of reporting the tragedy that happened on the 11th of September.  But the aftermath of trying to find a story equally as compelling is starting to spoil my taste for the American media again.  Let's just start reporting the facts again instead of trying to predict the future. We have Miss Cleo for that.