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Politics & Media

If there is any doubt in anyones mind that the mass media does not play a part in the political game, take a look at your local news paper in a week or two. An announcement will be made that the owners of the paper support a certain candidate. Why do they do this? I can't figure out what benefit it is to me what presidential hopeful the owners of a newspaper support, nor does it make one bit of difference to me. Does it make a bit of difference to anyone? Is there anyone sitting home right now who is saying to themself, "I'm not going to make a decision until I find out who the newspaper is supporting."?

Now I know in most large sities there are competing newspapers just like there are competing local TV stations. But most people live in areas that do not have such a situation. Most places just have one newspaper and that is what the people of the area rely on for accurate depictions of what is happening in the world. If a newspaper supports one candidate, are we to assume that what is written in this paper about opposing candidates is true, or even remotely accurate? Are the quotes from the opposing candidates taken out of context so that they sound and mean differently from the intent of the candidate?

How about a little honor within the media for a change. Since people do rely on it for what in many cases could be there sole source of information, the news media should stick to telling the most accurate story they can, and they should refrain from giving an indication of bias while they are reporting. By selecting a candidate to support they are placing themselves in a position oftelling only what they want you to hear or read. The information that htey give you may well be factual, but, is it the entire story? Has it been taken away from the true meaning of the story?

As an election day moves closer in the USA, our decision can be swayed by what we hear and read in the very same media outlets that are now telling us who they want us to vote for. Who we vote for can be a very private matter, and I believe it should be for people with the kind of influence that a newspaper would have.

What do you think?

urv2k 10/23/2k1


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