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No you cant pull that broomstick out of your ass because that would interfere with my artistic freedom. You are now a statue. 

Honest officer I had to kill him and smear his blood all over the wall. I was just exercising my artistic freedom. I can't go to jail for that.

And that's how I feel about attempts to stop a BC child porn case from going to trial in the name of artistic freedom.

I have the solution for gun problems. Not less guns more guns. Who is going to pull a gun when everyone else has one too. Can you see a robber on a subway pulling out a gun and going "give me your wallet!" when everyone else on the train is going to pull a gun and go give me your life?

The ultimate crime is George Bush in office. Every time he is giving a speech I'm reminded of porky pig at the end of a loony tune cartoons hasn't this guy ever heard of phonics? bbbbb that's all folks