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First I would like to take this opportunity to thank Racer for pinch hitting for me. He sure did a great job!! I don't miss too many deadlines but it is nice to know that when I do someone like Racer can step up to the plate and put one over the fence for me. Again thanks Racer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.......

Grampa is talkin to a fancy lawyer dewd because he got sick after lickin the "no lick" stamps and thinks that the post office should pay dearly....

Sound far fetched does it. It's not. Especially when you consider that someone tried to sue McD's for having hot coffee.It's amazing when you look at all the warnings that come with almost any item you buy. Businesses have to cover every possible angle when it comes to product liability.

Here is an example:

The factory I work in supplies foam ear plugs because the machinery is above acceptable decibel levels. This is the warning label on the ear plug container:

CAUTION: Keep away from infants (there's a brilliant suggestion). These earplugs are non-toxic but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe.

Yes! It actually says that. Now, I may not be the most traveled individual on this planet, but I don't ever remember seeing anyone breath out of thier ears. Except maybe in cartoons. The point is, if this company didn't put this on the package they would have been or may have been already sued for someone choking on these earplugs. People who would choke on these things deserve to choke for being stupid enough to put them in their mouth to begin with.

I also saw a 1 gallon bucket that read: Infants may drown in bucket. All because of the slight chance that a parent couldn't watch their kid enough to keep them from flipping completely upside down into a 1 gallon pail.


Anything in an aerosol can has to have a warning against moronic people who want to get high off the propellant. And here is something I think everyone should know, battery acid may be harmful if swallowed. Go figure!!

Well, I should really get going. The warning on my keyboard tells me not to type for extended periods of time and my monitor says I should avoid prolonged exposure. So unitl next time..

That's my view, what do you think?

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