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Every 4th week includes a picture of what baby looks like

Pregnancy week 2

Your last period probably began 12-14 days ago you are either ovulating now or will be soon. You will want to have sex between 72 hours before ovulation to 24 hours after. Timing is everything.  You want to accommodate the timing of the sperm and the egg. Sperm live for approximately 72 hours and an unfertilized egg for 24 hours. NOW'S THE TIME TO DO IT! LOTS. Make sure you have plenty of time together. Light some candles have a romantic dinner oh and positions count! 

Sexual Positions to maximize chances of conception

  • Many fertility experts believe the missionary position places sperm closest to the cervix. 

  • To maximize the missionary position place a pillow under the woman's hips to tilt them up

  • Rear entry or doggie style (man entering the woman from behind) Also allows deep penetration

  • For partners who are over weight or have bad backs spooning or laying side by side is a good relaxing position

  • Some experts believe if a woman lays in bed for at least a half hour after sex it increases chances of conception preferably on her back with a pillow under her hips

  • Female orgasm studies suggest that  when a woman is brought to orgasm it increases chances of conception by sucking the sperm into the cervix

  • Avoid sex while sitting standing or woman on top . They are the worst positions for conception


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