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The very first thing that I would like to do before I get started on a topic is to thank Elusive_Femme and Aprilcanadian24 (soon to be 25 :oP), this site is magnificent, and has become my most frequent stop on the web. Well, second most frequent anyway. I have to check my Yankees score before I stop here.

The subject i would like to butcher first is all the rants about people disguising themselves in chat to appear to be someone else and fooling people into believing their lies. In my opinion one of the biggest mistakes made by chatters are assuming they know someones ID by a different name. Come on folks! Wake up! Welcome to the world of chat where the people you know you only know by name on the screen in most cases. Where what you say is taken at face value most of the time because body language is not there to observe. I could be joking with someone but they would not know it because they can't see the smile on my face. How many imposters have there been in these chat rooms anyway. It isn't anything new. If you don't recognize that the name is spelled exactly as you remember you have to assume imposter until you are completely sure.

As for people who purposely enter the chat rooms impersonating other chatters, what can you do. These people are not going to listen to pleas of "don't do that, that's not nice", they don't care or else they wouldn't be doing it in the first place. Hello!!! Welcome to the real world. Some people DO get enjoyment out of making people look like fools. It happens in reality and virtuality. You don't trust used car salesmen, why should you trust anyone on a chat room that has a name close to someone elses but not quite the same. It all comes down to a little bit of common sense. Be cautious. If you think someone might be trying to dupe you by impersonating someone else, ask them to change to the name you are used to. If they don't, don't chat with them, period.

Lastly, if anyone has noticed, the word vendetta has been removed from the description of the "rant" forum. Lately their has been quite a few people trying to use rant to settle personal arguments that they had in chat with someone. People who believe this works would have better luck asking Mike Tyson to define "ludicrous"!! This form of rant leads to nothing but a contest to see who will finally rant the last on the topic. It's useless! ! Plus, after the first few personal rants it gets old. That's not good for ratings folks. Remember we need to keep our advertisers :oP !!!

Until next week, cya!! ~ urv2k

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