Postpartum Depression

If you think you have postpartum depression please see a doctor immediately. You are not alone. With help things can be much better. 

What are the signs? What are the symptoms? What causes it? What are the issues? What do we do now?

Postpartum Blues (not to be confused with depression)

After the birth of a baby or an adoption it is common for a woman to get the baby blues.  These are some reasons  it can happen.

and some ways you can cope

If after two weeks with rest and some support you are not feeling better you may be at risk for postpartum depression and should seek medical attention.

Signs of Postpartum Depression to watch for:    It is estimated one out of six new mothers experience postpartum depression. There can be many contributing causes. Sleep depravation, a difficult birth, financial stress, a traumatic history, lifestyle changes, high expectations on the mother from herself and society. You may feel a range of emotions from numbness to sadness. Remember each woman is different and so is the way we react to situations. Some women seem to become listless and give up. Others feel guilty about how they are feeling and become immaculate housekeepers and work themselves twice as hard to compensate. 

Symptoms can begin in pregnancy or many months after the child comes home (birth child or adopted). if this sounds like you try and remember you are not crazy and you are not alone. Millions of women have walked this path. There is no one set formula and the degree of depression can vary widely. Personally I think there is a strong and pertinent need for more research in this area. 

Treatment like symptoms vary from woman to woman. If you find a treatment is not working for you do not be afraid to let your doctor know and try something else. Understand this...if left inadequatly or untreated this can spiral into a terrifying situation. I can not stress enough how important early intervention is regardless of how mild your symptoms may be. If at anytime you become delusional, paranoid, or feel like hurting yourself or someone else seek immediate medical attention.