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You never know what tomorrow brings.

Being a parent is a frustrating and stressful job. Sleepless nights, running around, counting the dollars, the crying screaming yelling, finger painting with poop , fridge raids, and all the other bits that go along with it can really get to a person. 

There is a lot of good things too. How cute they look when they are sleeping, the smiles, the crazy things they say and the funny things they do. Lets not forget kisses and hugs out of no where. 

My advice to the world this month is to treat every day with your children like it might be the last. Kiss them in when you tuck them in. Stop and listen to what they have to say. take time to notice how truly beautiful they are and to let them know how much you love them. Say it. Say I love you over and over and over because you cant promises them you will be there tomorrow. It's a cold hard fact. What we do or what we say today may be the last day we have. So when they light the basement on fire, or put marbles in your gas tank, or put a puck through the window, take a deep breath. Stop no matter how angry you are.  Clear your head and then deal with it. Make sure its clear to them your dealing out of love not anger. Remember if something should happen to you, this day might be the legacy you leave behind.

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