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Why Babies Cry

I'm hungry : If you pick a hungry baby up they may try rooting around for a bottle or breast. they could start suckling their fingers and make little snorting and grunting noises.

My Diapers dirty : Change me

I'm too cold or hot: Newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm. If you put 1 more layer on the baby then you wear yourself it should be plenty.

Hold me: Babies need a lot of cuddling

Leave me alone! : Over stimulation like at big gatherings ect can leave baby needing some quit time and space. Find a quiet place to lay baby down

I'm sick: When nothing else works try taking babies temperature. The sick cry usually sounds different then the other cries.

No reason: What you've never had a bad day before?

Things to try:

When you've had enough

Put your baby down and let her cry for a while.
Call a friend or relative and ask for advice.
Give yourself a break and let someone else take over.
Put on some quiet music to distract yourself.
Take deep breaths.
Remind yourself that nothing is wrong with your baby