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My 3 year old daughter after watching Nanny adjust her false teeth , began to tug at her own teeth, "Nanny their stuck! My teeth are stuck!"

Children are always watching

Even more then we often realise. They will imitate your actions and mannerisms, note and often pick up on your habits, and they will parrot the things you say. Even when they don't seem like they are listening, trust me they are. They absorb everything. 

My eight year old, loves computers, mixes French and English in the same sentences, plays hockey and loves to read...just like mom. Like Dad she finds math exciting and like her Grandma she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. 

My three year old is positively obsessed with creating art. Like me.  Like her Dad, who is into extreme sports...she has no fear, which terrifies me!

My 2 Year old son  is at the stage where as his primary caregiver he is often imitating me. He runs around the house wearing my pantyhose, high heels or a necklace perhaps and cares for his "baby" like he sees me doing with his little sister.  he sings to his baby,  bundles her up , burps her....and oh yes he is known to occasionally breast feed her. Like his dad he is shy and grandpa he likes to fix things...I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with my kitchen table but he must  get his tools and fix it at least twice a day. 

 Even more then these interests and traits it shows in what they say. If they hear it they will eventually repeat it! A close friend of mine was in the store with her 3 year old son one day. When they were firmly trapped in the Safeway line up he broke out into a rather embarrassing song "here I go once again with my penis in my hand"  She was mortified and she had no idea where he picked this up. After some digging it turned out the neighbours son heard his Dad singing it and in turn sang it in front of her boy who sang it in the Safeway.

So a word to the wise watch everything you do and say. Think beforehand if it is something you want your child to sing out in a crowded store or in front of Great Aunt Betsy. Children will inevitably do as we do


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