Jamie's Dilema

Episode Three

Jamie was filled with apprehension when she spoke to Tom next. She knew that his friendly requests to talk on the phone were going to end and she would have to explain her reluctance to him. She had considered asking her friend if she could give him her number to call and then decided that was a bad situation to put Tom or her friend in and it would only lead to more dishonesty later. It wasn't like her to be dishonest and just considering it upset her deeply. Tom's friendship was very important to her, although she still wasn't sure what she was so attracted to about him that made her willing to make up stories to keep him interrested.

And there was more than just Tom's or her own feelings to consider. Her husband was a good man and she hated to think she was capable of causing him any kind of pain. She knew that lately she had been distant and detached with him and he was aware of it. She could see the questions in his eyes when they were together. She hated herself for causing him any concern, and yet she couldn't make herself stop talking to Tom online. Jamie decided that she would volunteer the information to Tom about her marriage and explain that was why he couldn't call her.

Before she had a chance to talk herself out of her decision, Jamie brought it up with Tom. She explained that she hadn't been fully honest with him about herself. She told him she was married and although the honeymoon was over she was basicaly happily married. She apologized for having lead him on and said she would understand if he decided he didn't want to continue their friendship. Tom never responded while Jamie was typing and she was becoming more and more concerned over his reaction. Just as she came to the conclusion that he'd been disconnected he finally said "Jamie, this is a lot to think about, and I'm not sure how to react. I really thought we had a special bond and that our relationship might be going somewhere. Now I'm not sure about anything. I just know that I can't talk about this right now."

Jamie tried to coerce Tom into discussing it but he remained silent. She stared at the message window as silent tears cascaded down her cheeks. When she saw the "User is not online" notice in the window she closed it and went to her room.

Choice One: Jamie contacts Tom and he tells her he doesn't want to continue their friendship.

Choice Two: Tom contacts Jamie and he forgives her.


Episode Two

Thank you for all the suggestions! My personal favorite was the he-she scenario. Choice Two was the most voted for so our story line continues in that direction.

Jamie kept her fears to herself rationalising that she may be reading more into the situation than there was. She'd half convinced herself that it was just her imagination running rampid. However, as time passed they began to share personal information. Jamie learned that her new friends name was Tom, he was divorced with no children. Knowing that he wasn't attached didn't help to ease her worries as their conversations deepened, in fact the knowledge only served to concern her more and more. So far she had been able to avoid telling Tom that she was married, but she didn't know how much longer she could keep doing so. Jamie realized it was unfair to him to not be completely honest, but the thought of losing his interrest so soon after she had found it compelled her to stay quiet.

Their recent conversations gave her even greater cause for concern. Tom wanted to exchange phone numbers and more specifically he wanted to call her. He was never pushy about it, but the question was arising more and more frequently. Jamie knew she had to make a choice very soon.



Choice One- Jamie explains why she can't share her telephone number with Tom.

Choice Two- Jamie makes arrangements with a friend to give Tom her number instead.


Episode One

Jamie watched the text in the room scroll by with out comment. More and more frequently she was scanning the room for the posts of one particular chatter. She didn't quite understand her fascination with him, because she was married and had been for quite a while. But whatever the reasons she found herself drawn to this anonymous person.

Perhaps it was imagination but she felt as though he was becoming interrested in her as well. Their conversations resulted in privte messages more often than not and Jamie was comforted that they had so much to talk about in a one on one situation. In the back of her mind lay the latent fear that with out the interaction of the other chatters they would run out of topics still held fast. So far this hadn't happened, and she was thankful for that.

The more they talked the more she felt the pull of real attraction and real betrayal of her vows. She rationalized to herself that it wasn't physical attraction because she'd never met him or even seen his picture. She realized that to become further involved in this relationship could be potentially damaging not only to herself but to the other chatter also.

Choice One- Jamie shares her doubts with her special friend and suggests they maintain a less involved relationship

Choice Two- Jamie conceals her doubts and continues the relationship.