Every now and again science has a way of making you wonder just what they are thinking. After reading a Time magazine article about the universe and what science believes about it I have no choice but to wonder when scientist will actually learn to stop believing that where the universe is concerned, their theories are not always the definitive answer.

Now I am sure that science played a major role in changing the view that the world was flat long ago. I can't figure out why they are so ready to say the universe is flat though. That is what is being reported though in Time Magazine. They say that the universe is flat as a pancake. That strikes me funny basically because they say that they have seen the stars on the edge of the universe and claim that they look like they are reletivly young because it takes so long for their light to reach Earth. Did they ever stop to think that maybe beyond these stars there are other stars that we can't see because their light hasn't been able to travel this far yet? I don't think so. How can you give a finite measurement to the universe if you don't know what lies beyond your vision. That would be like saying that the world is flat because it looks that way for the twelve miles that I can see from the shoreline.

Another point is the simple fact that there aren't a whole lot of flat things in the universe. Stars aren't flat. Planets aren't flat. And only the gravitational pull of spinning stars create galaxies and solar systems that appear flat. Something tells me that the gravitational pull from the center of our universe isn't quite strong enough to make our universe flat all by itself.

Have any of you folks seen fireworks before? When they explode, do they create a flat display of fire? Of course not. And I doubt the "Big Bang" did either. But if we had a big bang, like those same scientist say we did, why isn't our visible universe spherical? Maybe we should look at the possibility that what we see is the shell of a spherical universe. We can only see the horizon. Much like the way we discovered that the Earth was round. The problem is, this spherical universe would have to be so huge thatthe curvature of the sphere is not necessarily noticable because light can't get to us fast enough to show it. maybe in another 14 trillion years scientists will be saying "Hey, Un was right!!!" Then again, maybe not.

That's my view, what do you think?

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