I am not really sure how popular NASCAR has become throughout the world, but I do know it has become extremely popular here in the US. How do I know? I live it everyday on the highways of America.

To watch most of these people on the road you would think that they all had a death wish. If they are not nearly in an accident, they are nearly the cause of someone else's accident. And the problem is not just centered to males this time. I have seen it all from the guy who is too busy talking on his cell phone to notice that he damn near tried to switch his hubcap with yours in mid drive to the lady who is so concerned with which hair on her head is out of place she doesn't realize that she almost performed plastic surgery on the front end of your vehicle.

Why have people become so oblivious to how they are driving when they are on the road. To some extent I blame NASCAR, at least here in the US. I have been tailgated so often by people that must be looking for the best gas mileage out of their oversized Sport Utility Vehicles that I feel like putting a giant condom over my rear bumper so that I won't be responsible for any offspring cars that may come of the close contact. These people just don't realize that the aerodynamics of my car was not intended to help them get their gas guzzlers to the next fill up. Why does it seem that if I am courteous enough to let someone into the main flow of traffic from an on ramp, they believe that they are coming out of a pit stop and have to reach 200 mph before they start waving the green flag again. Here I am waiting to get back into the right hand lane and these people are doing everything they can to keep me from getting in front of them. Do they honestly believe that if I get to the next mile marker before them that I will get the extra Winston Cup point instead of them?

Another cause for the care free attitude I believe is the safety of the vehicles themselves. There has been so much care taken to help keep the driver alive in an accident that it has made people complacent to accidents altogether. If they are not going to get hurt then there seems to be less risk in driving carelessly. Well lets see now, I don't have to worry about flying through the windshield anymore thanks to the airbag so I don't care what I hit to stop.
Then you have the people who believe that the more they drink the better they drive. In actuality all it amounts to is that the more they drink the less embarrassed they feel about having to steer their car out of the median every 300 yards.

Anyway, always remember when you are driving please look up from the news paper a few times. Just because the spare tire is getting smaller doesn't necessarily mean that I want a trunk that goes with it OK :oP

urv~08192k That's my view. What do you think?