Professional Protestors

Guess what folks, it's election year in the U.S. again. Does everyone know what that means? That means where ever or when ever there is some kind of fund raiser, conference, or political get together there will be protests.

Where do they get these people from? What ever happened to the good old days of the late 60's early 70's when protesting actually meant that you cared about what you were protesting for? Now these people are nothing more than replies to want adds asking for people to protest for their cause. And the bad part about all of this is that they get people to do it!!!

Within a span of a few weeks we have our republican and democratic national conventions to chose the people who will be running for president of the U.S.. Protesters who were at the first of these conventions, the republican, talked openly about going to the other convention, the democratic, to protest. They also talked about being at the World Trade organization conference at Seattle, Washington and protesting there. Do these people have lives? Probably not!

It's really sad that protesting has become an occupation instead of a statement. It has become more of a news maker, putting the emphasis on the protest itself instead of the reason for the protest. Does anyone remember why there was a protest at the World Trade convention. I don't, I just remember there was a lot of chaos. The reason was lost in the shuffle somewhere.

That's my view. What do you think?