Criminal Injustice

Hey folks, do you want to hear something that I found funny? Listen to this. If you kill someone, and go to jail, you can theoretically be released early from your jail sentence for "good behaviour". Now wait a minute. Think about this. If this person had good behaviour, would he or she be in prison? What a foolish way to coerce convicts to be "model citizens" when the reason they are being incarcerated is because they are totally the opposite. Why do we have parole for people like this anyhow? Is there some written law that states that someone who takes rights away from someone still needs their rights while serving the punishment for doing that deed? I really hope not. If there is it would surely prove that this society is geared more toward protecting the guilty than it is to protect the victim.

Why is it whenever you see the acronym ACLU it is associated with getting prisoners better living conditions? Why doesn't anyone check the living conditions of their victims? Probably because they are not alive. Does anyone remember the big deal that was made when one of the prisons here in the USA decided that its convicts shouldn't be allowed to watch Jerry Springier? Do you know what? I work 50 to 60 hours a week and I don't watch Jerry Springier. I don't see the ACLU jumping through my bosses windows telling them that I should get paid to be able to watch it.

I read an article in my local paper this week naming about 7 people that were up for parole. All convicted murderers. All serving so many years to life in prison. My question is why are they even up for parole. what could this society benefit from these people.

Not to mention the fact that if it isn't bad enough that these people get out early, they also have a chance of not going in for long at all thanks to something known here in the USA as a "plea bargain". This comes into play when they want to speed things up a bit, and the D.A. wants to get a few extra popularity points with his constituents by sending someone to prison quickly after the crime instead of trying him for that crime. The plea bargain lets him serve less time by admitting to a lesser crime.

What this tells me is that the D.A. doesn't want to have to do the work involved to get the conviction of what the person is originally charged with. Pure laziness on the criminal justice system. Well, here is my suggestion. Lets make the homes of the parole board members half way houses. If they truly believe that murderers can function in society let them live with the parole board members for a while. If the member survives I guess they can be considered correct in their judgement. If not, then I guess the ACLU will have to fight for that convicts rights again.

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