I like to keep things light most of the time, but about a week ago I read a rant that really left me shaking my head. The rant dealt with rape. I agree totally with this rant, but I don't think it went far enough into the details of why this is the worst crime imaginable so I am going to expand on the topic.

Rape by definition is a forced sexual assualt. Notice I underlined some very important words in that last sentence. Those words should tell you right off the bat that the phrase "she asked for it" does not apply. When has anyone ever asked to be raped??? That has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Tell me this, how does someone ask for it by saying no!!! It's a very poor reflection on our society that people actually believe that someone asks to be raped by wearing a certain style of clothing, or a certain color lipstick or eye shadow. Are we as a species that shallow?

A statement made in the rant was "women shouldn't have to worry about being raped". The statement itself is true, women shouldn't have to worry about such things. The fact is that they do have to worry whether they believe they should have to or not. Until the human race learns how to get rid of stereotype people place on another, and people become more observant to the world around them. Women will have to worry about it.

So what can be done to stop it. Well for starters, guys, lets try to distance ourselves from the stereotype that seems to make everyone believe that all we think with is our extremities. The locker room talk that I am sure everyone has heard and some have taken part in should be shunned, not encouraged. We need to make thestereotypes that we build in that kind of banter "un_cool". We have to stop thinking that this kind of behavior is "normal" or "just guy stuff". It is pathetic and shows exactly our level of mentality. Oh, I'm sure that the argument for that will be, "well, women do it too". Wake up morons, we wouldn't be having this discussion if women were able to overpower men often enough to inflict that kind of violation of their personal space. Because if they were we certainly wouldn't see as much rape against women as we are now, because there would be just as great a chance of retribution. Until the criminal justice system makes the penalty for rape as severe as lopping of the dudes extremety and crammin it up his you know what, this crime will remain the most underpenalized crime in the world.

That's my view, what do you think?
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Until next time, cya~urv 7/22/2k