Extra Terrestrial Life

Over this past week I must have had five or six different topics cross my mind for this weeks view. But then I started thinking that maybe this would be a good time to tell my views on aliens. After all, it is the main reason why I am here writing this column now. Without the ET Life room in Yahoo, I would never have known many of you. So I will take this time to answer some of the questions that either I have been personally asked, or that i have seen asked of others in the room. I find this only fitting because when I am in ET life I rarely speak of aliens anyhow. :oP

Do I believe in aliens? Of course I do! Why else would I have chosen to enter the ET Life room to begin with. This universe is too big and to un_known for there not to be. I think that we are more the rule than the exception to the rule. Life, we will find, is much more common, and much heartier than anyone will ever believe.

Have I ever seen a UFO? No, I haven't. Whether that is fortunate or un_fortunate I have yet to decide. I would like to see one because it would confirm the fact that there is other life forms out there. But, I also would not like to see one because it would probably scare the hell right out of me. That is why I don't take most of the abduction stories I see in ET Life seriously. I don't think that I would be in the frame of mind to join a chat room if i had just been abducted by aliens. Would you?

Is the Government hiding information about UFOs? Of course they are. If the government told you everything there was to know then what would you need them for? Besides you wouldn't want to see Oliver Stone out of work would ya?

Is the government in secret negotiations with aliens? When I saw this statement pop up one day in ET Life I literally doubled over laughing. Where do i start? What on earth would the governments of this world have to bargain with? "Now, Mr. Alien, don't abduct too many people or we will fire our extremely slow nuclear warheads at ya" Honestly, what can possibly be going through someone's mind to think that an alien race who would obviously be able to travel between solar systems at the very least need to "negotiate" a damned thing with the greatly planet bound people of this place? It would be like trying to negotiate with road kill.

Anyway, I hope to see all of you in ET Life in the future, so take care till next time~urv~7/15/2k