Have platform, will comment

OK folks, I have seen some support for my presidential bid. That is very encouraging, but I really don't have a platform to run on yet so I will take some time now to spell out a few things that are on my mind.

I guess i will start anywhere so in no particular order, here it goes.

#1. Gun control- Excuse me if I sound a bit offa the wall on this topic, but I don't see where the politicians are gettin their information that new gun control laws could have stopped the Columbine High School shootings. All gun control laws do is make it harder for someone who wants to own a gun legally to get one. Now if I was going to use a gun for an illegal purpose do you think that I would be willing to go through all the garbage that honest people go through to get one. I think not. And the NRA is no real help either. I got a flyer from them the other day. The only thing they want from me is for me to join so that they can pay for their 60ft yachts with membership money.

#2 Campaign financing- this is an issue every election year. How bout this for a suggestion, lets make the FCC responsible for getting the candidates on TV. Don't let them buy air time. Give them all equal time to explain their views an a list of topics done by mail in pamphlets. The list would contain the top ten choices for topics. Let that stand as their campaign and see where it goes. I am tired of my baseball games interferred with by politicians who just hafta say how bad the other dewd is.

#3 Health Care- I have heard about every angle that can be put on this one. There is no way to control the constantly increasing medical costs without the government taking it over. Now with all the mistrust of the government that is really tough to say but it is true, the insurance companies are just wiping everything out, and worst of all, bean counters are making life or death decisions. I dont like that at all.

So there ya have it, call it fodder to attack with or just the ramblins of an ameture politician. Those are my views, what are yours.

urv2k 10/14/2k