Let the games begin!

By now all of you realize that the 2000 Olympics are over. What some of yu may not realize is that this is only the beginning of the "real" games here in the US. That's right, for the next month or so we will be baraged in every way, shape, and form by ads from hopeful presidential candidates. The game is to prove exactly how gullible the American people really are.

So in the spirit of these games i would like to throw my hat in the ring. Now for all of you Canadians, please keep your hats on! This doesn't mean that I have just scored three goals in a game. I am running for the presidency of Virtuality. I know the rumors are running crazy about me running for mayor of the Exiles Empire. But, I figure, why not go for the whole chilupa? No one else has dropped it yet, I could be the very first one.

Now I know most of you are sitting back thinking "The only vote he'd get is to be voted off of the net". Just like that Giligan's Island 2000 show, "Survivor". But I promise to be just as ineffective as the candidates running for real office. I also promise to say exactly what I think you want me to say and then do the exact opposite. This is by no means no small task! But to help me with my candidacy, I need input from you, the reader. Without you help I will never be able to figure out what I should do opposite of what you want. This is a two way street folks. I feel yur pain!!! Well, no I really don't but the phrase worked for the last guy who got into the oral office. Ooops! Sorry I meant the oval office. Same thing I guess!

Any way to show your support I need topics contributed. These topics can range in any direction you wish to take them. All you need to do is put them into one of two forms; the message board on this page or my e-mail address of urv2k@yahoo.com.

If you wish to do more than just that, I will be starting a defense fund in case I am elected. I have learned the mistake of not having one at the ready when I may need from the last Prez.

So jump on the bandwagon or push me off of it! I am counting on you people, just like you can count on me.

urv2k 10/1/00